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The safeguarding of our young people is our top priority, and it underlines all our decisions. If you’d like to find out more about our approach, you can request a copy of our Child protection and safeguarding policy by emailing 

See it. Report it. 

We encourage anyone to speak up if you spot something that doesn’t seem right. We take all concerns seriously, and you can be confident they’ll be dealt with swiftly. 

To raise a concern, you can email us at  

Alternatively, you can contact Safecall, an independent whistleblowing reporting service. 

Their phone number is 0800 915 1571.  

All calls are confidential, and you can remain anonymous, too. 

If you’d prefer to file a web report, click here

Once you’ve reported your concerns, Safecall will notify us via a secure email, which will trigger an immediate review. They’ll also keep you updated on how your issue is progressing.  


If you spot something that is not right, do not be afraid to raise it. You can be confident in knowing you will be taken seriously. 

You can report a concern via our internal whistleblowing email at 

Our Whistleblowing Hotline* can be contacted on 0800 915 1571.  

If you prefer to file a web report, click here.

Safecall* will take down a written summary of your concern. They will then notify the us by secure email and we will commence a review. You can also see how your issue is progressing. 

To access our latest Whistleblowing policy, please email 

So speak up. Don't assume someone else will.