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Changing children’s lives for the better

At Esland Daven School, we provide high-quality, outcome-based learning in a safe, supportive, and inspirational learning environment.

Welcome to Esland Daven School


Our talented staff deliver the very best educational experiences and therapeutic care for 8 to 18 year-olds who are unable to access formal learning environments within a day-school setting. Our students have a range of special educational needs, disabilities or have experienced trauma. They are placed at the school via local authority commissioning teams.

Turning the Curve™

We follow Esland’s Turning the Curve™ education model, which supports students who, depending on their background and circumstances, may be at different stages in their education journey. Our model is unique because it incorporates a flexible, child led curriculum. 

Therapeutic pathways

We offer therapeutic sessions in a dedicated area of the school called 'The Den'. No matter what social, emotional or mental health support is needed, our therapy team is always available to help both students and staff learn new strategies and talk through their feelings and experiences.