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Welcome to Esland Daven School

At Esland Daven School, we provide high-quality, outcome-based learning in a safe, supportive, and inspirational learning environment. Our students, who have a range of special educational needs or disabilities and/or trauma, have been placed at the school via local authority commissioning teams as they're currently unable to access formal learning environments within a day-school setting.   

Our students range from 8 to 18 years-old and each one has a personalised education package. As education is a pivotal part of a young person's life, we re-engage them through one-to-one learning environments, small group activities and therapeutic sessions. And we put a real focus on celebrating achievement and nurturing the qualities that help students become confident members of society.

Our specialised teachers, tutors, support staff and therapists help students re-ignite their curious spark, form the building blocks to life-long learning and gain the knowledge, skills, and qualifications they need to make their own indelible mark on the world.

What education model do we follow? 

We follow Esland’s Turning the Curve™ education model, which works with Turning the Curve™ tutors, carers, parents, and schools to help students unable to access education in any form re-enter full-time education in a school setting.

The model offers a completely flexible, child-led curriculum that enables them to learn in a way that’s right for them while meeting their social, emotional and mental health needs through therapeutic approaches.

What’s our approach to learning?

The approach we take to support our students is highly personalised and therapeutic. We help re-engage students in education through various strategies, including one-to-one learning, physical activities and small group activities.   

They can access a range of other resources like creative arts and ICT suites, as well as our library, food technology classroom and vocational workshop.

Our specialised curriculum includes core subjects such as maths and English, as well as other learning activities like drama, music, plastering and horticulture, to name a few.

Some of our curriculum takes place off-site so that we can expose young minds to new and engaging experiences to enrich their learning.

What’s unique about our approach? 

All our students have a personalised and bespoke timetable. This is well-planned to meet their needs and their learning aims and objectives.

It’s essential for our students to have a say in their education, so when we plan and agree on their Individual Learning Plan (ILP), they can add their views, wishes, interests and dislikes to give them a sense of ownership.

Giving our students a voice and a platform to express their opinions is very important to us, and it’s crucial for achieving positive outcomes.

What other support do we offer our students? 

Not only are all our staff trauma-informed, but they're also supported by a very experienced in-house therapeutic team. These services underpin everything we do at Esland Daven.

As many of our students have neurodevelopmental disorders such as Autism, ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder), ADD (attention-deficit disorder) and attachment and may also have encountered a range of adverse childhood experiences and/or trauma, it's essential we support their emotional needs.

We offer therapeutic sessions in a dedicated area of the school called 'The Den'. No matter what social, emotional or mental health support is needed, our therapy team is always available to help both students and staff learn new strategies and talk through their feelings and experiences.

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